Monday, February 16, 2015


Last week was a bit of a stressful week, so Bill and I decided to take some time for ourselves this weekend. It was our Winter Carnival here in the village and while we participated in some of the events, we pretty much did our usual weekend wanderings out and about. We really cherish our weekends for the peace and quiet they provide. As teachers, we are ON all week long--we very rarely have a time when we can just be quiet and enjoy the solitude of this place, so on weekends we take complete advantage of our down time. Makes for much more pleasant Monday mornings. :) 

On Thursday of last week, we decided to go for a Honda ride and check out the Gorge. Bill had been there a few days before and had seen something really interesting occurring. The Gorge is an area where the water is usually flowing top speed, even in the winter, and is a reminder of the power of water. Not this winter...this winter, the first I can remember, there is an ice dam that has formed there. SO COOL. 

We love heading out to the Gorge in all seasons. Some of the best grayling fishing can be done here in the fall, winter gives a much different feel with low water, ice chunks, and a quiet that pervades even the most active of minds, while in spring, the water rushes through at top speed, turquoise blue and gorgeous to behold. We don't spend too much time out here in the summer--too much competition from the fishing lodges in the village. :)

Another one of our favorite things to do is shoot guns. I've killed a lot of cardboard in my day...a lot. Shooting is also a fabulous way to relax after a long week of being inside. You have to focus completely on your breath, what you're seeing in the scope, and the actual shot. It makes me slow my breathing, clear my head, and take things a little easier. Something that I struggle with sometimes. :) I feel pretty lucky to be married to a guy who loves to be out on the land and take me with him. I think that's one of the reasons we get along so well. Mutual love and understanding of the peace and calm received by heading outside. Sigh...I'm so lucky. 

We feel so fortunate to get out and play as much as we do. It is something that takes precedence in our lives and something we will do forever. 
We also got out this weekend and got some wood. We found a great stand of birch and cut and packed three trees worth of lumber. Birch is lovely as it burns slowly and you really get a nice even heat. My favorite fires are the ones that are started with spruce, but finished with birch. :) I'm still learning how to light a good fire--had some struggles this week with that--but I'm learning and will eventually get it down. 

We rounded out the weekend with a glass of wine last night (part of my Valentine's Day surprise from Bill) and a viewing of one of my old favorites--"In Search of the Castaways." If you haven't seen it, I wholeheartedly recommend it as an old Disney classic. Such a wonderfully cheesy story of adventure! :) Today is also day off of school and I plan to take complete advantage. 

Enjoy your week!


  1. Great pictures! The gorge looks like an absolutely gorgeous spot. Just stumbled on your blog. It's always nice to connect with fellow Alaskan bloggers!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! It is so beautiful...sometimes I can't believe I get to live here! :) Have a great week!