Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Liebster Award

My gorgeous friend, Natalie, at Circus and Bloom, nominated me for a Liebster Award and the picture above was literally the look I had on my face when I saw that this morning. Thanks friend! It's a little bit intimidating, but since you're probably the only one who will read this, I think I'll probably do ok. :) In case anyone else does read this, the purpose of this is to get to know a new online community and perhaps build a bit of a readership. It's worth a try in my book!

According to Natalie, the rules include answering a series of questions posed by your nominating blogger, then nominating another blogger with fewer than 200 followers, creating a series of questions for them to answer, and then letting them know they've been Liebstered. I don't know that I know of any other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers, but perhaps by the end of this I will... :)

Miss Natalie's Questions:

1. If you had to choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be? 
Geeze...start with the tough ones already... I'd like to say Caring is a word that describes me. Although, I think that sometimes I care too much--about people, about what they think, about what they say--but when it comes to the people I love, I would do just about anything to make sure they feel safe, secure, and completely cared for. Perhaps the second would be Adventurous. I LOVE being out and I love having wild adventures whenever possible. One of my favorite things to do is go outside and see what kind of mischief we can get ourselves in to. (See my last post for a few examples...) Since they can't all be great words, the last word might be...Sarcastic? Probably to a fault? My sense of humor tends to run on the dry side and I think that sarcasm is essentially my first language. I love it. Too much...

2. If you could go out to dinner with anyone (alive or deceased), who would it be and why?
Me and my Pops
Crap. They just keep getting harder. I just asked my hubby who he would choose and he said, "What?! You can't ask me that! I can't answer that! It would take a lifetime to figure that out!" I am inclined to agree...but if I had to choose...I guess it would Grandpa Carl. He was my Dad's father and he passed away when my Dad was 14 years old. I've seen so many pictures and heard so many stories about would be really cool to spend some time with him. I think he'd be proud of my adventurous spirit and the kind of person his son raised. I bet we could really swap some stories!

3. Do you have a quick, go-to dinner recipe? If so, what is it? 
YES! And it is delicious! Bill and I literally throw all kinds of marvelous things into a skillet, saute them up, add rice, and eat it like food. We start with some garlic and saute it until it's just browning, then add onion, continuing to saute until caramelized. Add sweet potatoes, corn off the cob, beans of any flavor (we love kidney and white), spinach...really anything...and continue to saute until everything is heated through. While it's cooking up, make some rice in a rice cooker and add to the mix when when it's done. Top with fresh cut tomato bits and eat until you're stuffed! It's delicious and so ridiculously good for you. Yum.

4. What's the most used item or appliance in your kitchen?
That's a toss up between the coffee pot and the Kitchen-Aide. The coffee pot is used on a daily basis, but the Kitchen-Aide is seriously amazing. Like, whoa, amazing. I honestly don't know how I made anything at all before we got the Aide. The day it dies will probably be the saddest day of my week. :)

5. What's your favorite color and how is it a reflection of who you are? 
Today, my most favorite color is aubergine. I know, I know, it's not technically a color, but another name for eggplant...but it just slides off the tongue so well. And it is such a lovely color. I think this is a reflection of who I am because, according to the color psychology website I just checked (ha!), having the color purple as my favorite means that I am sensitive, compassionate, understanding, and supporting of others...often to a fault. It also said that loving purple makes me introverted (We're here, we're uncomfortable, we're going home!), free-spirited, and relatively secretive. Well...that just about sums me up... :)

6. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? 
Ooohhhhh...curl up on the couch or in bed and read a book or watch a sappy movie. Or bake cookies to deliver and sew something lovely. Or go for a walk and feel the rain on my face. Or...or...or... as you can see, I have a lot of favorites. 

7. What's your favorite scent? 
Bill. He's my favorite scent. Even when we've been out on a 2 week canoe trip...he's still my favorite. :) 

8. When you're stressed out, how do you cope?
Not well. I tend to get very emotional when I'm stressed and become even more introverted than I already am. I cry lots of tears, which is actually very healing for me, I eat lots of chocolate because, dammit, it just makes me feel better, and I take lots of walks. I find that going outside, no matter the weather, makes me feel immensely better. Fresh air always brings perspective and allows me to work through whatever it is that is stressing me out. I don't necessarily figure it out, but I feel better afterwards. 

9. What's one piece of advice you'd give to yourself in middle school? 
Don't worry. Your boobs are coming and you're going to be ok. Take a deep breath and love yourself for the little weirdsmobile you are. 

10. What's your earliest memory? 
Hmmm...when I was four, I think, I fell down our 15 wooden steps to the basement and landed on my head on the concrete floor. I remember seeing my Mom, my beautiful Mom, above me, and then my next memory is being put into a blue mummy case at the Dr.'s office because I wouldn't stop flailing around as they tried to survey the damage the fall had caused. This terrified me, obviously, and I remember looking up at my Mom and seeing tears falling from her face, splashing on my own as she tried to hold me still. I ended up with stitches in my lip and a permanently fat lip, but no other damage. I still don't like being wrapped up tightly to this day. I remember, after we got home, that I was treated like quite the celebrity in the neighborhood, and I got to eat popsicles. Love me some popsicles. 

11. How do you see yourself at 60? life. Hopefully not working, happily spending time with my family, wherever they may be, and just being. That sounds like a dream come true right now. Just living life. I've so enjoyed the journey of growing older that it's actually kind of exciting to think of life at's to birthdays! 

I'm going to save my nominations and questions for a time when I actually know some other bloggers... :) Thanks, Natalie, for making me think and take some time to answer these questions!

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