Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life of Adventure

The one thing my husband always promised, is that with him, I would live a life of adventure. And, for heaven's sake, has he kept that promise! We've skied the Harding Ice Field, climbed countless mountains, pack rafted swift rivers, maneuvered steep passes, and canoed hundreds of miles together. We've traveled internationally and loved every second, but we've also spent years exploring our own corner of Alaska, learning everything we can about the land we inhabit. How lucky, right?! Some of my favorite adventures, though, are the ones that happen out our own back door. Out in the wilderness we are lucky enough to call home.

We live in a part of Alaska that is pretty special. We live on a huge lake surrounded by mountains, we have a river that is home to one of the largest salmon runs in the world, and there aren't many people to contend with. :) We often go out for walks on the tundra just to see what we can see. The land is ever changing with the seasons and always brings new excitement with it. In the fall, the tundra changes from green to absolutely exploded in color, while in winter, the grays, whites, and browns prevail. Spring is fresh, with no mistakes in it, and summer brings vibrant greens and bugs for days. I look forward to the change in the season as much as anyone else, if for no other reason than the feeling of a new start and a fresh outlook. As we settle into the bleakness of mid-winter, it helps to remember that spring is right around the corner, the geese will soon by flying, and the tundra will soften and green. Until then, the sunrises and sunsets will provide me with spectacular color, and life will move forward as it always does.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. So beautiful… both the photos and your writing :) I miss it there so very much and am so happy that you're keeping this blog so that I can live vicariously through you until Ty and I can come back for a visit!

    Also, on my blog today, I nominated you for "The Liebster Award"! It's just a fun way to get better known in the blogging world by answering some fun questions :) Love you so much!